Thursday, 3 November 2016

The bush

One Day a boy named Ash went out to the back of a bush to a lake to catch some fish for his family but well he was out fishing he was attacked by a crocodile that was resting by the river.
As soon as he saw the crocodile he took of into the bushes but when he was going into the bushes he saw something shiny like a crystal so he went into the bush when he was in the bush all he could see was mountains of bushes and water flowing down.
But for some reason the crocodile didn’t come in.
Well he was in the garden of bushes he felt something it felt like magic. So he decided he would stay till the next morning.

But something strange happened that night for some reason he felt like someone was watching him from a distance so he went closer to that person and closer until whatever was behind the bush jumped out and gave him a heart attacked he thought it might be a monster but it was just a bunny so he went back onto his bush bed and it was so cosy.
he quickly fell asleep and woke up the next morning and set of back to home but when he arrived at the bushes that led out they were burned down so he had no idea of how to get back to the other side somehow someone made it into the garden and found another way out if they could get out so could I so he searched the whole island but nothing no Exit until someone found him but this someone was his garand father somehow he must of found his way here a long time ago

And his garand father said i know a way out but i need someone strong enough to push it open like you sonnyboy' then what are we waiting for let's go.            

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