Wednesday, 30 November 2016

camp bentson

Last week on Tuesday the 15th of November 2016  all the year 6s from pt england school went to camp bentson When we arrived i looked around and all i saw was a beautiful island called Kawau Island.

When we got to the island the first thing we had to do was unload the ferry. Once we had done that we went on our hike up the mountains. As I was walking up the hill my lungs were burning. When we stopped for a rest we were at a beach called smelcha bay with a little park. Some of us skimmed rocks and then we had lunch. After that we had to leave and head back to camp.

Once we got back from our hike we got to set up our cabins once we set up our cabins we got to have free time with some sports gear.

Then the next day we woke up at 6.00 clock in the morning and go for our morning run it wasn't like the hike it was much shorter and when we go back we were allowed to have a little free time. But then it was time for breakfast for breakfast we had cereale and hot food with milo. Once we finished breakfast we had to get ready for our first activity for the day.

My team's first activity was Kayaking. When we were out kayaking we got to go out so far I was starting to get scared. My arms were so sore of paddling. As we were paddling some of us saw stingrays. But they didn't attack us they just quietly passed us . When they passed through I was so happy that I got to see some stingrays But sadly we had to go back to the campsite.

I really loved camping at Kawau island this year I really hope I can go again.

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