Wednesday, 22 April 2015

team 2

The whole school went to the hall on monday  to start term 2  

At the assembly the Whole school went to the hall and four teachers dress up  in winnie the pooh costumes and Mr Jacobsen and three year 7 or 8’s gave out pikelets with jam and cream and then we had sandwiches carrots and salary.

And we watched team 1’s 2 3 4 5’s video and i liked the team 5’s because they were in army clothes and when the team leaders came out next to the stage they were marching and it was kwit lowed but they did not make a video.

Team four made a video where Mr Somerville had to dress up as zorro and the obstacles where the scarecrow and Mrs Lavakula was the person in the green mask and fake knife.

I felt excited because term 2 started and we get to learn about tinkering tool’s and toy’s.