Friday, 24 March 2017

softball tournament

This week the year seven soft ball team whent to the Ackland champs  soft ball tournament And we played at a soft ball staydem acrrows the harba brege. 

When we got there we grabed all the gear from the van  then we went to worm up and practic for 15 min then we had our first game agenst Glen eden We fielded first the scored about 10 to 15 home runs and at he end of the game we lost 20 to zero Even thow we lost we still had a lot of  fun but then it was time for our seconed game I for got the seconed team but we fieded first they had know home runs because we keept geting the out by caching on a full or on first bass wich was my pasishion that i played but at the end it was a tie 3 all. Once we finshed the seconed game had  an hour's break so well we had a break we practiced our bating and fielding  then  my mum and dad came with my bayby brother and the brout chocolate  for the holl team and water melon to then arfter that we had our last game at dimond 10 and we fielded first again but it wasant long before we went to bat and we made 2 homeruns then we fielded again but we got three out straght away the we made three homeruns then athe end of the hole tournament we came 5 out of the hole of ackland year7's softball team.