Tuesday, 31 March 2015

life on a river

Hi my name is Lehi this is about life on a river

pt England's WITS

AT pt England School we use our w.I.T.s to keep us safe.And at pt england school we also use our w.i.t.s to help us  learn to more things like maths  and reading and writing.

walike away…..
if you are being bullied then you can just walk and Eknoor so you don't get interball.

Ignore it….
if you Ignore someone distracting you from your work then don’t listen to them and move away.    

Monday, 30 March 2015

My amazing birthday

My Best Birthday Ever!

My best birthday was when i went to the splash planet.

When we went on the higrow slid we when i went down the higrow slide it was so scary because it was so dark and sour and when we finished on the higrow slide I had a red bake.

When we finished we went on the go karts and my brother and my cousins friends had a race and my brother won and it was so fun.

Then we went on the. Jungil Jeeps and we had another race and this time. I won.
and it was so so soo fun.

And then we went home And played my xbox 360

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Amazing Camp

On wednesday mata pono e played in the hall there were folder blades and table tennis but my favorite thing was the rollerblades but when. I    first went  on the roller blade i fawell off 10 times then on my 11 time I could.  

Ride the roller blades and then I played basketball and I shote 10 hopes.
Then mr Somerville came and played handball with msrr Somerville for 20 minutes.He bat us more Than 20 times Than he had to go because we had to swop activities my favorite activity was killer zone because we got to throw water balloons and we skied across  the cones and it was so fun because mata pono e had to go under a tarpaulin and throw botes and tennis balls with a catapult but mata pono e lose but we still had fun even dowe  the commitments won because it is just a game.

after killzone we had to have morning tea and my camp buddy was Simon and at morning tea after we eat we played handball with Noah then after morning tea we had to go back to our team my team and Simons team was mata pono e Noahs team honest squad then we had free time and me and Simon eat some pringles and loles and popcorn.  
At camp it was so fun because we had to dance to a song that owe team leader had to pick a song out of a hat and we had so much fun and I hope I go next Year.