Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why People Need to Drink Water

Water is everywhere, it covers two thirds of the world’s surface. If you didn't know why we need water then keep on reading.

Drinking water can help protect you from some kinds of  cancer . When you consume water it travels around your body and cleans your sectime once it has traveled around your body you start to feel better.

And another thing water can do Water can do is. Keep us hydrated. Hydrated means to drink lots of water because your body can runout of water so when you have drink it’s like you're topping your tank up.

And It cleans your insides .If you are an adult and you drink alcohol then when you drink water the water cleans all the alcohol out of your lungs and then when you wake up you feel much better.

What i liked when i was writing this story I had lots of fun because I got to talk about the things that I know about water and also learnt more things

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