Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Speech writing

 WALT - Write and deliver a speech that engages your audiences 
 we are lerning  to write a pravocing interduction to hook the reader in.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

DO Dogs or Cats make better pets

 WALT - Identify features of persuasive writing

Do Dogs or Cats make better pets ????.

Why i think we should have dogs as pets. We should have dogs as pets not cats because dogs are  good at being guards for your home they will attack you if he does not  know you keep reading for more information.

Point 1
I think that dogs are better to keep as pets because if you leave your dog at home a robber could come and try to steal something then your dog will just attack the person that is trying to steal then the robber will probably run away.

Point 2.
Also dogs are better as pets than cats because if you have a cat at guard then the cat will probably just try and scratch you but with a dog the dog will just try and bit you and keep barking so someone could come and see what is going on then once they see the Robber they will call the cops.

In conclusion Dogs are better than cats because dogs are more fun to play with then cats because cats just sit around and do nothing.