Tuesday, 12 December 2017


This Term Pt England have been learning about misical madness and team five have to do an animation of our face in emotion then had to create a song to go with it from garage band for me it was so fun to do because we got to muke around at first then we had to start on our animation so that what I did hope you like my animation.  

Monday, 11 December 2017

Mr Patterson and Raenan

When Mr Patterson and Raenan came Raenan gave us some tips on what to do when you get to collage at year 9 first he told us that when we get to collage. We should focus on our school work and not the other thing because some time later on in the year you can do those thing so for the first year you are their you can get your academacul learning up so when you go to do sport you won't have to worry about your learning to much but still need to work hard. Also if you are given home work the first thing when you get home you should do it strate away so you don't have to worry about it and you can tern it in straight away  the next day so thats what Mr Patterson and Raenan talked to us about.

How the pig got its curly tale

                 How the pig got its curly tale

Once upon a time there was a little piggy named jacob and he lived in the forest with his mother and father and they all loved to roll in the mud because it's so much fun but one day when the little piggy was rolling around he heard someone. Then he went into the forest to see what it was but when he went to see what it was he couldn't see anything but a bear trap so he went back to home.Then he suddenly stepped in a bear trap but when he saw it he quickly jumped out of the way but the bear trap clamped his tale and when he tried to get his tale out he he pulled it so hard his tale started to curl up and that's how the piggy got it curly tale.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Consider someone else's Viewpoint

W.A.L.T: Consider someone else's viewpoint. and this is what room 1 have been working on this week and this is my presentation of the consider someone else's viewpoint of what i thought about the five statments

Friday, 1 December 2017

Colour matching

This is a slide show for this term because we had to find a song that matches with the colour so i mad 6 slide of sadness,Happy and other colours that match as well.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Guy Fawkes

The Three Little Pigs with a twist

Once upon a time there were three little pigs living in the woods with their parents and their parents sent their three little pigs named Lehi, Jacob and Moroni out into the woods when they left their house. They all went deep into the forest and the youngest little pig told his two older brothers  he is going to build his house out of metal planks and the second little pig had a good long think.
Then decided he was going to make his house out of wood and the last little pig could not think of what he was going to use to make his house so then he walked of into the woods.

To look for something to make his house so well walking around he was pondering but also was Scouring at the woods floor to see what he could use to make his house then he came across something from a far distance and once he saw it he observed it from a safe distance just in case it could be something dangerous.Then when he saw it was just a broken brick so then he keept on walking but then he had just thought of the thing he is going to use to design his house he was going to use bricks so all the three little pigs had their house the first pig had a house of metal second pig had a house of wood and the last pig had a house of bricks. One day when all three piggy's were playing outside their house.  The first pig was playing the flute the second pig was playing solitaire and the last little pig was cooking a chicken on a fire.

Lived right next to all three house lived an evil terrifying huge wolf who was hunting for his dinner and saw the first little piggy playing the flute so then the wolf planned an amazing plan to eat the piggy and all his brothers.Then he dressed up in a nice look outfit to fool the pigs into thinking  he was a nice person. So then the the wolf approached the little piggy and said hello little piggy and the pig responded the same thing hello.My name is Jacob what is your name asked Jacob (big bad wolf) my name is wolfe (Little piggy)would you like to have some tea and cookies (big bad wolfe) sure i’d love that thanks ( little piggy) know worry’s oh and would you like to meet my brothers Lehi and Moroni ( big bad wolf) sure.

Then they went of to the little piggys brothers he took him to meet the second little piggy moroni then took them to see Lehi when they got to Lehi’s house he said he had just rosted a big juicy chicken on the fire.Then he asked if they would like to stay for something to eat they all replied yes please with a loud voice especially the big bad wolf saying it with the loudest voice there. So then all the little piggys and the big bad wolf all sate at the table in side of Lehi’s house they started to munch on the chicken when they all had some chicken the big bad wolf who the pigs thought was wolfe the kind animal turned out to be the big bad wolf once all the little pigs saw he was the big bad wolf they all tried to run but the big bad wolf had locked the door so they could not escape and try to run then once he had them in a corner then  the big bad wolf killed all the little pigs then chucked them on the fire and had three big pigs for dinner The End

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Why you should give

Mr Patterson talked to all the year 7's and 8's. He had talked to us about a lot of things but one thing i liked was the last thing he told us to always try to do and that was we should try to be a giver not a taker after he had told us about what a giver was  he told us about an 11 year old boy who was named Willy how he had helped the  helpless old man. The old man was on the side of the shop crying and instead of walking past like most of would he sat down with the old man and asked why he was crying. The old man said the he had lost he house his job and his marrige. So then the 11 year old boy gave his lunch money and lunch to the old man and the boy did that for 1 week after Willy had done that the old man had walked with the boy to his school and told the hole school what the boy had done then the school princeable had given the boy a golden certificate.

This story that Mr Patterson had told us had motivated me to be more like Willy becuse I don't really give so the story that he told us really helped me to become more like Willy

So the morel of the story is that you should always give because then you will recive something back. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017


This is what me and my group for teach made last week it was fun to make pizza we had to use little meet balls and bacon first we had to roll all of the meat balls then cut the bacon up in to small squars and they tast relly nice

Friday, 22 September 2017

what i like about the manaiakalni film festival

what I really like about Manaiakalani film festival is that every class has to make a video and half of them are super funny and some ar super cool like the one i me and my friends mad with our teacher Mr Baxindin last year witch was called ant boy. but the best part is that we get to watch it in the movie theater and not in our school in the hall so that wuy i like manaiakalani film festival thanks for reading

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I wonder

Lehi I wonder from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is an animation for my i wonder about space my task was to come with a question about space and research about it. Then I had to include my answer into this animation.
Lehi i wonder from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Find perimeter of an object

W.A.L.T: find perimeter of an object it was really hard for me but then me and one of my friends joined together and we both helped each other it was really fun to do this.

Friday, 18 August 2017

blog profile

This is a photo of my blog profile that i did in maths with miss sharing it is just some information about me and what i like   

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ten's in numbers up to 1000

W.A.L.T: Read measurement's properly
This is what my maths group have been working on for the past week we are trying to identify groups of tens in numbers up to 1000

Monday, 14 August 2017

Read measurement scales

W.A.L.T: Read measurement scales
This is a presentation by me and my friend lanzie and it shows that we have to work out how many cm or mm at the letters

Friday, 11 August 2017

speech + speech

W.A.L.T: Reflect on our given speech.
This speech is from our class that we had to do that is the first video the second video is my speech reflection on how i flet before during and after my speech.

Monday, 3 July 2017


WALT  Use Mean, Median, Mode and Range to describe data
So for me the easiest tast to do was mode because all you have to do was find the most comen number out of all of the numbers. so i hope you in joy

Introduction to probability

WALT  Investigate Probability
      So room 2 maths class has been learning about Probability In class but not for the last five weeks  so hope you in joy reaing it 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Speech writing

 WALT - Write and deliver a speech that engages your audiences 
 we are lerning  to write a pravocing interduction to hook the reader in.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

DO Dogs or Cats make better pets

 WALT - Identify features of persuasive writing

Do Dogs or Cats make better pets ????.

Why i think we should have dogs as pets. We should have dogs as pets not cats because dogs are  good at being guards for your home they will attack you if he does not  know you keep reading for more information.

Point 1
I think that dogs are better to keep as pets because if you leave your dog at home a robber could come and try to steal something then your dog will just attack the person that is trying to steal then the robber will probably run away.

Point 2.
Also dogs are better as pets than cats because if you have a cat at guard then the cat will probably just try and scratch you but with a dog the dog will just try and bit you and keep barking so someone could come and see what is going on then once they see the Robber they will call the cops.

In conclusion Dogs are better than cats because dogs are more fun to play with then cats because cats just sit around and do nothing.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Recount plan

WALT - Write an interesting and engaging recount 

This is just one of the things that we did for the year seven step up program well the year eights were at camp we had the year seven step up program so If you read it I realy hop you injoy my writing.  

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


W.A.L.T  Collect and interpret data. And this is what room 2 at pt england have ben learning at math time so i hope you in joy my presintation

Thursday, 18 May 2017


WALT -  Discuss and justify my responses to a range of texts. 
This is just some of my groups responts to what we think of zoo animals in zoos.

Monday, 10 April 2017

independent and dependent clauses

W.A.L.T: know what the Differences between Independent and dependent Clauses and this is and
Example of an Independent and dependent clause

The dog chased the car 

the dog is the Subject      And chased the car is the predicate   To find out more read my Independent And dependent clauses presentation. hope you like it.

Friday, 24 March 2017

softball tournament

This week the year seven soft ball team whent to the Ackland champs  soft ball tournament And we played at a soft ball staydem acrrows the harba brege. 

When we got there we grabed all the gear from the van  then we went to worm up and practic for 15 min then we had our first game agenst Glen eden We fielded first the scored about 10 to 15 home runs and at he end of the game we lost 20 to zero Even thow we lost we still had a lot of  fun but then it was time for our seconed game I for got the seconed team but we fieded first they had know home runs because we keept geting the out by caching on a full or on first bass wich was my pasishion that i played but at the end it was a tie 3 all. Once we finshed the seconed game had  an hour's break so well we had a break we practiced our bating and fielding  then  my mum and dad came with my bayby brother and the brout chocolate  for the holl team and water melon to then arfter that we had our last game at dimond 10 and we fielded first again but it wasant long before we went to bat and we made 2 homeruns then we fielded again but we got three out straght away the we made three homeruns then athe end of the hole tournament we came 5 out of the hole of ackland year7's softball team.


Monday, 27 February 2017

place value

this is what we have be learning in room 2 at pt england school in year 7 and 8 hope you like it thanks for reading .

Friday, 24 February 2017

how to have a fun weekend

My topic is about some ways how to have a fun weekend, i will be explaining some activities and ways to enjoy a weekend.Thanks

In the holidays you should invite your friends over to your house.
when your friend comes over you can play some cool sports like soft ball or basketball and after you play you could invite him in for lunch  before he goes home.
Here are also some other activities you can do

So the other things you could do is invite your friends and their family to come on a camping trip with your family. And it could either take place at the beach where you can fish , in the mountains where you can play treasure hunt and build hut’s. or in your backyard you can have a backyard movie night and pig out on junk food all night.

Getting together with family and friends is always a good idea on the weekend, plan to go to the beach take the barbeque and go swimming netting and just relax and enjoy everyone.

So to have a fun weekend these are some of the ways and activities we can all enjoy to have a fun weekend.Thanks for reading by.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why People Need to Drink Water

Water is everywhere, it covers two thirds of the world’s surface. If you didn't know why we need water then keep on reading.

Drinking water can help protect you from some kinds of  cancer . When you consume water it travels around your body and cleans your sectime once it has traveled around your body you start to feel better.

And another thing water can do Water can do is. Keep us hydrated. Hydrated means to drink lots of water because your body can runout of water so when you have drink it’s like you're topping your tank up.

And It cleans your insides .If you are an adult and you drink alcohol then when you drink water the water cleans all the alcohol out of your lungs and then when you wake up you feel much better.

What i liked when i was writing this story I had lots of fun because I got to talk about the things that I know about water and also learnt more things

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Number of the week

WALT: count back words and fowords and multiplication so can you please enjoy

the three kete

This is what we have been doing for this week was the three kete so can you please enjoy