Tuesday, 12 December 2017


This Term Pt England have been learning about misical madness and team five have to do an animation of our face in emotion then had to create a song to go with it from garage band for me it was so fun to do because we got to muke around at first then we had to start on our animation so that what I did hope you like my animation.  

Monday, 11 December 2017

Mr Patterson and Raenan

When Mr Patterson and Raenan came Raenan gave us some tips on what to do when you get to collage at year 9 first he told us that when we get to collage. We should focus on our school work and not the other thing because some time later on in the year you can do those thing so for the first year you are their you can get your academacul learning up so when you go to do sport you won't have to worry about your learning to much but still need to work hard. Also if you are given home work the first thing when you get home you should do it strate away so you don't have to worry about it and you can tern it in straight away  the next day so thats what Mr Patterson and Raenan talked to us about.

How the pig got its curly tale

                 How the pig got its curly tale

Once upon a time there was a little piggy named jacob and he lived in the forest with his mother and father and they all loved to roll in the mud because it's so much fun but one day when the little piggy was rolling around he heard someone. Then he went into the forest to see what it was but when he went to see what it was he couldn't see anything but a bear trap so he went back to home.Then he suddenly stepped in a bear trap but when he saw it he quickly jumped out of the way but the bear trap clamped his tale and when he tried to get his tale out he he pulled it so hard his tale started to curl up and that's how the piggy got it curly tale.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Consider someone else's Viewpoint

W.A.L.T: Consider someone else's viewpoint. and this is what room 1 have been working on this week and this is my presentation of the consider someone else's viewpoint of what i thought about the five statments

Friday, 1 December 2017

Colour matching

This is a slide show for this term because we had to find a song that matches with the colour so i mad 6 slide of sadness,Happy and other colours that match as well.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Guy Fawkes

The Three Little Pigs with a twist

Once upon a time there were three little pigs living in the woods with their parents and their parents sent their three little pigs named Lehi, Jacob and Moroni out into the woods when they left their house. They all went deep into the forest and the youngest little pig told his two older brothers  he is going to build his house out of metal planks and the second little pig had a good long think.
Then decided he was going to make his house out of wood and the last little pig could not think of what he was going to use to make his house so then he walked of into the woods.

To look for something to make his house so well walking around he was pondering but also was Scouring at the woods floor to see what he could use to make his house then he came across something from a far distance and once he saw it he observed it from a safe distance just in case it could be something dangerous.Then when he saw it was just a broken brick so then he keept on walking but then he had just thought of the thing he is going to use to design his house he was going to use bricks so all the three little pigs had their house the first pig had a house of metal second pig had a house of wood and the last pig had a house of bricks. One day when all three piggy's were playing outside their house.  The first pig was playing the flute the second pig was playing solitaire and the last little pig was cooking a chicken on a fire.

Lived right next to all three house lived an evil terrifying huge wolf who was hunting for his dinner and saw the first little piggy playing the flute so then the wolf planned an amazing plan to eat the piggy and all his brothers.Then he dressed up in a nice look outfit to fool the pigs into thinking  he was a nice person. So then the the wolf approached the little piggy and said hello little piggy and the pig responded the same thing hello.My name is Jacob what is your name asked Jacob (big bad wolf) my name is wolfe (Little piggy)would you like to have some tea and cookies (big bad wolfe) sure i’d love that thanks ( little piggy) know worry’s oh and would you like to meet my brothers Lehi and Moroni ( big bad wolf) sure.

Then they went of to the little piggys brothers he took him to meet the second little piggy moroni then took them to see Lehi when they got to Lehi’s house he said he had just rosted a big juicy chicken on the fire.Then he asked if they would like to stay for something to eat they all replied yes please with a loud voice especially the big bad wolf saying it with the loudest voice there. So then all the little piggys and the big bad wolf all sate at the table in side of Lehi’s house they started to munch on the chicken when they all had some chicken the big bad wolf who the pigs thought was wolfe the kind animal turned out to be the big bad wolf once all the little pigs saw he was the big bad wolf they all tried to run but the big bad wolf had locked the door so they could not escape and try to run then once he had them in a corner then  the big bad wolf killed all the little pigs then chucked them on the fire and had three big pigs for dinner The End