Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Why you should give

Mr Patterson talked to all the year 7's and 8's. He had talked to us about a lot of things but one thing i liked was the last thing he told us to always try to do and that was we should try to be a giver not a taker after he had told us about what a giver was  he told us about an 11 year old boy who was named Willy how he had helped the  helpless old man. The old man was on the side of the shop crying and instead of walking past like most of would he sat down with the old man and asked why he was crying. The old man said the he had lost he house his job and his marrige. So then the 11 year old boy gave his lunch money and lunch to the old man and the boy did that for 1 week after Willy had done that the old man had walked with the boy to his school and told the hole school what the boy had done then the school princeable had given the boy a golden certificate.

This story that Mr Patterson had told us had motivated me to be more like Willy becuse I don't really give so the story that he told us really helped me to become more like Willy

So the morel of the story is that you should always give because then you will recive something back. 

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  1. Kia ora Lehi,
    Great post...well done.
    The world loves givers!
    I'm glad Uili's story helped to motivate you...