Thursday, 15 October 2015

Lehi Amazing Holiday

On thursday morning it was a sunny day. I woke up and thought to myself, hey I’m going to the museum with My Family today. It was the first week of the Holiday’s we were all psyched about going to the museum.

When I walked in the first thing we went to  was the maori room then I saw the Black beatles but they weren't that interesting so I went straight to the dinosaurs  

At the dinosaurs I saw a pterodactyl and I thought it was so amazing but then we went to see World war 2 And 3 weapons. We also Saw one of the planes from bake in the old days. The planes could only fit one person in it .And  Also I saw canons But my Most Favorite Thing About the museum. Was The disco room Because  there were Games from bake in the old days  that you can play for free.

After the museum  my family And me started to  leave the museum We went to the takeaway shop just down the road  we had fish berges And ice-cream From mcdonald's Then we went to the beach And played soccer kicks then my sister Jordin Dived in the Pond That looked like A pool.

So me and my brother Moroni jumped into the pond. Me and my brother Had races  in the water We also played ball tagey in the Freezing icy cold water with my colorful ball.