Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lehi egg friend race

On Wednesday the 21st of october my whole classroom drew faces on raw disgusting smelly eggs. I was shocked when I found out that we were having an egg friend race.  

Me and Simon were clumsy enough to crack our  eggs on the mat then my classroom went to the park to have races with their eggs, then me and Simon went to grab another egg from my teachers tray. I cracked my egg after I made it  across  the finish line and I was so happy that I came 6 and I didn't know what my friend simon came, then I saw a hole blob of egg yolk on the plank of wood, my teacher Mr Baxindine scraped it off with a hand full of bark then threw it on the yolk and wiped it of the plank.  then My classroom had to line up because it was starting to rain. My favorite part of the was when I cracked my egg friend.
~ Intro / Big Idea Recount Rubric ~
IntroductionMy introduction is not very exciting and doesn't yet hook in my reader.My introduction is sort of interesting for my audience and they can understand what I am going to write about.My introduction wows my reader and tells them what I am going to write about.
Big IdeaMy recount doesn't have one big idea.Most of my paragraphs have my big idea in them. Every paragraph tells my reader more about my big idea.
PunctuationI have used some capital letters and full stops. Every sentence has full stops and captial letters.I have used capital letters, full stops, question marks & speech marks
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