Friday, 24 February 2017

how to have a fun weekend

My topic is about some ways how to have a fun weekend, i will be explaining some activities and ways to enjoy a weekend.Thanks

In the holidays you should invite your friends over to your house.
when your friend comes over you can play some cool sports like soft ball or basketball and after you play you could invite him in for lunch  before he goes home.
Here are also some other activities you can do

So the other things you could do is invite your friends and their family to come on a camping trip with your family. And it could either take place at the beach where you can fish , in the mountains where you can play treasure hunt and build hut’s. or in your backyard you can have a backyard movie night and pig out on junk food all night.

Getting together with family and friends is always a good idea on the weekend, plan to go to the beach take the barbeque and go swimming netting and just relax and enjoy everyone.

So to have a fun weekend these are some of the ways and activities we can all enjoy to have a fun weekend.Thanks for reading by.

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