Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Giant fell of a beanstalk

On Sunday morning Jack was going on an adventure and  when he was walking along. Suddenly a giant falls down from the sky and Jack get’s a big frit when it landed right in front of hem .

And then the next morning  Jack went to sell his cow which was named milky white  when Jack selled milky white he only  got five magic beans but Jack didn't know it was magic beans but when he went home his mother was so angry that she took the bean’s then she threw it outside  then a beanstalk raised up then Jake Walked outside he saw the beanstalk he just fainted to the ground  then his mother came and then she screamed  and Jack woke up then when his mother went back inside he wondered if he climbed up to the top he could see his house so he started to climb  up but when he got to the top he didn't see his house he could see  lots of gooled so he went  back then grabbed a bag and took gold The End

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