Friday, 24 July 2015

my Amazing holiday

In my amazing holidays I went to my Aunt's house and watched movies and then also stayed at home.

At my Aunt's house I watched dragon ball z.  The part that i liked best was when Goku did the hameha to Piccolo and then Goku turned into oozaru  .  

When I went back home I played games on my xbox 360 and had pizza after that we went to matariki light trail it was so fun at matariki and when we went with my selfish brother and my greedy sister my joyful cousin my mum and my tiny two baby caissons and we saw the fake Michael Jackson and I sor the green  matariki fireworks
and it was so amazing my dad had to take a video but when he started to video it actually wasn't videoing so when we got back home we went to wash the video he saw the video he was so angry that he didn't get it.

THE thing that I liked the most was when I went to  my aunt's house and watched dragon ball z. I cant what to watch it again.

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